Police Taser Use Questioned

Staff reporters, Yahoo!7
Updated February 17, 2012, 6:28 am

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Internal Queensland Police documents obtained by Seven News, show officers are being disciplined for misusing Tasers.

But not one complaint of assault, or excessive force has been upheld.

In the past two years, there have been 34 investigations into taser misuse by Queensland police officers with 10 resulting in disciplinary action.

Documents obtained under right to information detail weapons being shot into ceilings, and lost in bushland.

One officer pointed an unloaded taser at another pregnant police service employee’s stomach.

“I’m not able to go into the punishment that was delivered on that occasion,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett.

Another officer was accused of tasering a man, then punching, kneeing and jumping on him.

That, and three other complaints still haven’t been finalised.

“Once court’s over we then take note of any judicial comment or criticism if there is any about the conduct of the officer using the taser,” said Mr Barnett.

No allegations of assault by a member of the public, has been upheld.

Terry O’Gorman of the Council for Civil Liberties is adamant the force have something to hide.

“That either means that every complainant was a liar, or that the police have covered up – this is another police cover up.”

Mr Barnett, however, points to something far less sinister.

“Every single complaint is examined and carefully scrutinised by the ethical standards command.

“It is a weapon, and there are very strict guidelines about where it’s stored, what’s taken out and when it’s to be used.”