These days, most people carry a mobile phone with them everywhere they go. A mobile device can contain more information about a person than the rest of their belongings combined so it’s very unnerving for a stranger to be going through it.

Although in most situations a person is only required to provide a police officer with their name and address, search warrants can grant powers not normally available to police officers. For example, a warrant may include the power to compel someone to give the officer their phone pin.

If you are subject to a search warrant that includes this power, you must give police your mobile phone pin. If you fail to do so, you may be charged with the offence of ‘disobedience to lawful order issued by statutory authority’ which carries a maximum sentence of one year imprisonment.

If you or someone you know are subject to a police investigation or police warrant, it is vital you contact a solicitor for assistance and advice. Our firm can be contacted 24 hours a day for urgent advice.

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