Brisbane Criminal Lawyers

Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors: Brisbane Criminal Lawyers You Can Depend On

Are you facing a criminal law charge? Will you be looking at years of prison time or other severe penalties if you are found guilty? Do you need a dependable team of Brisbane criminal lawyers that you can rely on to provide the best defence for your case?

At Robertson O’Gorman Solicitor, we are ready to hit the ground running with your case. We are a law firm that specialises in criminal law. No matter what charge or charges you are facing, we have likely dealt with similar cases in the past. To contact our criminal lawyers in Brisbane, call (07) 3034 0000 without delay.

Why You Should Choose Our Firm

If you are looking at Brisbane criminal lawyers, the chances are that you are looking at other firms in addition to Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors. You might even be wondering what sets our firm apart from the competition. Why should you rely on us to prepare your defence and argue your case in court? Here are a few of the leading reasons:

  • Our experience: When you appoint a criminal lawyer in Brisbane, you don’t want an inexperienced solicitor who has rarely seen the inside of a courtroom. On the contrary, what you want is an experienced legal expert who can draw upon a long history of cases and legal knowledge to help you towards acquittal or minimum sentence. At Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors, we are that law firm. We first opened our doors in 1976 and have been practising law—with a focus on criminal law—ever since.
  • We are versatile: Our Brisbane criminal lawyers can handle all matters of criminal law. From major criminal matters to minor disputes, we are willing to take on cases involving any crime. (Click here to see a more comprehensive list.) In addition to taking on any criminal matters, we can also handle all stages of the criminal law process—from police interviews to preliminary hearings all the way up to the trial and any appeals.
  • We have credentials: Experience, knowledge and willingness to pursue any case make our team at Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors valuable as criminal lawyers in Brisbane. We also have added credentials to give you extra peace of mind. Three of our solicitors have attained Specialist Accreditation in Criminal Law from the Queensland Law Society. Also, one of our founding members—John Robertson—was appointed as a judge in 1994. Our firm was built on the strength of great legal minds and continues a dedication to legal greatness to this day.

Speak to One of Our Criminal Lawyers in Brisbane Today

If you are interested in working with Robertson O’Gorman or simply want to sit down with a criminal lawyer from our Brisbane team to consult on your case, give us a call on (07) 3034 0000. No matter where you are in the criminal law process, we are happy to step in and help you towards the best court result possible.