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Get Guidance, Advice, Assistance or Representation in the Area of Corporate Law: The Lawyers at the Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors Law Firm Can Help

The corporate world is chaotic and fast-paced. Decisions made at this level—even the small ones—have real and far-reaching consequences. At the same time, corporate leaders are constantly under a microscope, where any mistake can lead to legal trouble and a public relations catastrophe. In this environment, it is crucial for business owners and company leaders to understand the laws and regulations that shape the boundaries of the corporate world. Teaming with the right corporate lawyers in Brisbane can help your business avoid issues with noncompliance, white collar crime and more.

Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors: The Corporate Crime Lawyer You Need

If you are looking for skilled and experienced corporate law firms in the Brisbane area, look no further than Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors. Our firm was established in 1976 and has been doing business under the same name ever since. Companies inside and outside of the Brisbane area know they can trust us for guidance on a diverse array of matters related to corporate crime. From noncompliance with relevant standards and regulations to taxation offences, and issues with fraud and embezzlement to cases of industrial manslaughter, we have the experience and knowledge to assist with a wide range of corporate matters.

We are happy to advise if you need help designing policies and practices that are compliant. In the corporate world, it is always wise to consult legal counsel about major decisions or policy shifts. These instructive discussions can avoid big problems further on down the road.

In most cases when clients contact Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors and our corporate lawyers in Brisbane, they are seeking representation after the fact. Perhaps a CEO is under investigation for allegedly committing fraud against the company, or maybe the business as a whole is facing legal action for allegedly failing to adhere to Workplace Health and Safety regulations. In either situation—and many others—we can provide guidance, advice, risk management, damage control and more.

It is also important to note that we can serve as a corporate crime lawyer for both individuals and entire organisations. In a case where a director or executive is being charged with embezzling from a company, we would represent that individual director or executive. In a situation where the entire business is under fire for an alleged crime, negligence or lapse in compliance, we would represent the organisation as a whole.

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Just as the corporate world is sprawling and chaotic, the world of corporate law is also complex and multifaceted. Cases in this context can take many different forms, from government investigations to civil litigation to criminal proceedings and beyond. Because of this complexity, it is important when considering corporate law firms to pick a firm with a depth and breadth of experience. At Robertson O’Gorman, we are that firm. We have represented companies and individuals in all different variations of corporate criminal law. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you are in qualified and experienced hands.

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