Disqualified Driving QLD

Dealing with a Suspended or Disqualified Driving Sentence in QLD

Compared to more severe sentences like jail time or hefty fines, getting your driver’s licence suspended or disqualified for a serious traffic offence might feel like a relief at first. However, for many people, the loss of a driver’s licence is no laughing matter. When you can’t drive, you might struggle to get to work or hold down a job. If you have to drive for work, losing your licence might even mean losing a job. Even if you can make do with public transportation or rides with friends, being excluded from driving a car still causes difficulties in getting your kids to school, running errands, spending time with friends and family and more.

If you are dealing with a suspended or disqualified driving sentence in QLD, it can have a very pronounced impact on both your work and personal life. If your suspended licence is going to cost you a job or cause problems for your family, our team at Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors might be able to help you obtain a Special Hardship Order. Unfortunately, this type of order is not available in the case of a disqualified licence, but an appeal may be an option depending on the circumstances.

If you have been charged with driving on a disqualified licence, on the other hand, you could face a maximum sentence of 18 months in prison. Having a lawyer with experience in disqualified driving cases in QLD is certainly essential for a situation such as this.

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