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Perhaps you have been ticketed for a drink driving offence and are wondering what your next steps should be. Alternatively, maybe you are a parent trying to educate your teenage drivers on the definitions and dangers of drink driving in Queensland.

Either way, Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors is here to help. We offer our services as drink driving lawyers in Brisbane, Caboolture, Beenleigh and several other areas throughout QLD. If you have any specific questions about a drink driving offence, you are welcome to reach out and contact us directly. As for more general queries, we’ve answered a few of the most frequently asked drink driving questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drink Driving

Before you call a drink driving lawyer in QLD, educate yourself about the nature of DUIs and drink driving penalties in the state. Here are a couple of frequently asked questions about drink driving in QLD:

  • What qualifies as a drink driving offence in QLD?

    The answer to this question will vary depending on the situation and the licence. For most open licence holders driving a standard passenger vehicle, the legal BAC (Blood Alcohol Count) limit is 0.05. If you are found to be over this limit while operating a vehicle, you will be charged with a DUI offence. However, drivers will be charged for any BAC over 0.00 if they are:

    1. Driving on a learner’s permit, a P1 or P2 provisional licence, a probationary licence or a restricted licence
    2. Operating a motorcycle in your first year of riding with a motorcycle licence
    3. Driving (or ‘in charge of’) a truck that weighs more than 4.5 tonnes, a bus, a public transportation vehicle, a tow truck, a driver’s training vehicle a tractor or any other large, commercial or speciality vehicle.
  • What are the penalties for drink driving in QLD?

    If you are charged with a DUI, you will want to contact a drink driving lawyer in Caboolture or Brisbane no matter the situation. However, the severity of the penalty you face will vary depending on how high your BAC was when you were pulled over by the police. For instance, driving with a BAC of more than 0.05 but less than 0.10 could mean a licence disqualification of up to nine months, a fine of up to $1,706 and a prison term of up to three months. (These are all maximum penalties.) If your BAC was over 0.15, you would be looking at stricter penalties—including a minimum six-month licence suspension, a $3,400 fine and up to nine months in jail.

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