Our Fees

At Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors we understand the importance of financial certainty, especially during a difficult time.  Each one of our clients receives excellent, full-service representation as well as a commitment from our solicitors to be there to support you through your matter and into the future.

As one of Queensland’s preeminent private criminal law firms, we do not conduct work through Legal Aid Queensland. We know that you need to plan your finances. So that you are comfortable in your financial position we provide the following:

  • Early and affordable fee estimates which include all of your representation options;
  • In most cases, a Solicitor Advocate option which is often the most affordable way to proceed;
  • In indictable and complex matters, a fixed fee option for each stage of a matter;
  • In summary matters and simple matters, an affordable fixed fee option; and
  • In all matters, regular updates on professional fees as your matter progresses.

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