Employment Law

For any employee, receiving notice of disciplinary action or an allegation of misconduct in the course of employment can be extremely distressing. Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors act for employees throughout Queensland particularly employees of government departments.  Our solicitors are extremely experienced in investigative processes.

Our solicitors understand that our client’s employment and their representation are of extreme importance.  Our solicitors are trained and experienced in preparing our clients for interviews with their employers, in responding to allegations that might be made and in resolving employment disputes quickly, fairly and with utmost discretion.

Our priority is always to resolve matters in a practical and cost effective way thereby avoiding expensive litigation.  However, there are occasions where after careful consideration and consultation with our clients, it is necessary to take disputes to either a court of law or to the Industrial Relations Commission.  Our solicitors have experience in the pursuit of fair outcomes in both Queensland Courts and the Industrial Relations Commission.

If you are subject to a workplace investigation or disciplinary proceeding there is sometimes also a risk that criminal charges might be laid.  Our strong reputation in criminal defence will ensure that any workplace investigation, and your response to it, is consistent with the best interests of the client in avoiding potential criminal proceedings.  We regularly act for doctors, nurses, lawyers, psychologists, teachers and various other government employees the subject of disciplinary investigations or challenges to their registration.