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Falsely Accused of a White Collar Crime, Fraud, or Other Offence? Brisbane Lawyers Can Help You Beat the Charge

If someone has falsely accused you of a crime, and this accusation has led to an investigation or even a criminal charge, it’s important that you speak with a lawyer. It is imperative to investigate, not only if you can prove your innocence in court, but also to see if the accusing person can be held accountable for their actions through prosecution. It can be frustrating and stressful to be wrongfully accused of something, but keep in mind that there are ways to defend yourself. Making intentionally false accusations against another person that leads to an investigation is a criminal offence, and the accuser can be arrested and charged.

White Collar Crime Lawyers Brisbane

For your accuser to be found guilty, you and your fraud lawyers in Brisbane must prove that he or she made the accusations deliberately while knowing that they were false with the intention of you being investigated. This does not necessarily have to be a criminal investigation by the police; you may also bring charges against your accuser if you have come under investigation by auditors, the family court, by council, or by a regulatory department such as ASIC because of their false accusation. You also do not have to be charged with a crime; the investigation itself is enough for the false accuser to be charged with a criminal offence. For example, you might be accused of a white collar crime, and you may discover the false accusation as a result of the investigation. If this happens, you can take that investigation and outcome to your white collar crime lawyer in Brisbane who can advise you on how to proceed.

Penalties for False Accusation Cases

False accusation is a serious offence. It is technically an indictable offence and, as such, it may be dealt with by the district court with a maximum possible sentence of seven years’ imprisonment. However, the offence tends to be prosecuted summarily in the Magistrates court with a maximum possible imprisonment of two years. Besides a prison sentence, however, being convicted of false accusation also damages the person’s character and credibility. Many employers require a review of criminal records to before making hiring decisions, and criminal records may also need revision for other purposes such as travel. This damage to the person’s reputation can far outlast any court-imposed penalty.

When You Are the One Accused: Fraud Charge Lawyers in Brisbane

If you are the one accused of making a false accusation, you need experienced fraud charge lawyers in Brisbane to support you legally so that you have good professional representation in court. A good defence lawyer can help you obtain the most favourable outcome. Possible defences might include duress, necessity, self-defence, or mental health issues. Defending a false accusation charge in court is a stressful experience, but the right lawyers can make the process much simpler for you and help you defend yourself effectively. Contact Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors for more information.