Any person, other than children, who pleads guilty or is found guilty of an offence in Queensland is now required to pay a levy to the Courts.

The Offender Levy is separate from any fine or penalty that you may receive as a result of your proceedings and is payable irrespective of whether or not a conviction is recorded against you.  If you have more than one charge and all charges are dealt with on the same day at the same time only one levy will be imposed on you.

You cannot appeal the levy being imposed on you, but if you successfully appeal your case and your conviction is overturned you will not need to pay the levy.

The government says the levy is designed to help pay for the costs of law enforcement and administration.  The levy will be assigned to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry for enforcement or you can simply pay the levy on the day of Court to the Registry.

The prescribed amount of the Offender Levy is:

  • For the Supreme and District Court – $310.50; and
  • For the Magistrates Court – $103.50