Professional Discipline

Our firm specialises in representing all professionals who may face the unfortunate experience of being subject to a complaint that leads to their professional disciplinary body becoming involved.

We represent individuals in both the public and private sector in respect of disciplinary proceedings before a number of statutory bodies and tribunals.  Our clients include solicitors, barristers, public service employees, teachers, child care workers, accountants, tax practitioners, doctors, nurses and students.

Many professionals face allegations of wrongdoing in the course of their career. Sometimes that wrongdoing amounts to criminal offending. However, even when it does not, the reputational damage can be significant. Allegations of wrongdoing will often lead to an investigation and may lead to disciplinary proceedings.  Throughout an investigation and disciplinary process, it is important to understand your rights and obligations to your professional body.  Because each professional body is different, it is important that you understand the process fully.

We assist our clients to respond to complaints, participate in the investigatory process, in the making of oral and written submissions and if necessary, appeal a decision to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal or other appellate Commission or Court.

We pride ourselves on a thorough analysis of complex factual issues and a timely resolution of matters.

If you have a professional discipline issue you would like to discuss, please contact one of our solicitors.