Domestic Violence

Under Queensland law, people may apply for special protection in cases of domestic violence. The Courts have the power to issue domestic violence orders which seek to protect an aggrieved (the person affected by domestic violence) from the respondent (the person alleged to have committed domestic violence). These orders may affect those in intimate personal relationships, family relationships or informal care. They include an order to not commit future acts of domestic violence, and may contain other conditions such as a requirement to stay away from the aggrieved person’s work or home.

Domestic violence is:

  • physical or sexual abuse
  • emotional or psychological abuse
  • economic abuse
  • threatening behaviour
  • coercive behaviour or
  • behaviour that in any way controls or dominates or causes a person to fear for their personal safety or wellbeing

by one person towards another person with whom they are in a relationship.

You may be suffering from domestic violence, in which case our solicitors will help you through the process of applying for a domestic violence order to protect yourself and your family. We will represent and support you at all stages of this process.

Alternatively, your life may be restricted by an order made against you. While being the respondent to an order is not a criminal offence, there can be very serious repercussions to simply consenting to an order which is made on unreasonable grounds. As such, you should seek legal advice when required to respond to an application for a domestic violence order.

Whether you are looking to apply for a domestic violence order, or seeking advice in responding to an order, we are here to help. Our solicitors are available in emergencies 24/7 on 3034 0000.

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