Alcohol interlock devices

The Queensland Government introduced the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program in 2010.

Participation in the program may be required after a conviction for the following offences:

  • driving under the influence of alcohol
  • failure to give a specimen of breath or blood for analysis
  • having two or more drink driving offences (of any kind) within a 5 year period (on or after 6 August 2010)
  • dangerous driving while affected by alcohol, or
  • any offence involving a breach of the alcohol ignition interlock program requirements.

If convicted, you will be required to install an ignition interlock device which requires you to provide a breath sample of 0.00% blood alcohol concentration to start your car. These devices cannot be tampered with and there are serious consequences for failing to adhere to the program’s rules.

The program lasts for 2 years and you cannot drive without a reading of 0.00% BAC for that period. Other people can drive your car but they must also have a reading of zero blood alcohol to start the car.

You can apply to leave the program at the end of the first 12 months if you have followed the rules during that time and meet the following conditions:

  • you must hold a valid Queensland driver’s licence with an ‘I’ (for interlock condition) on it;
  • you must have an approved interlock device fitted to your vehicle; and
  • your vehicle details must be provided to an interlock supplier.

The maximum 2 year timeframe can be extended if you do not follow the rules during this time.

You will need to pay for the rental, installation and servicing of your interlock device, though financial assistance is sometimes available. Although the price may vary, it generally costs around $1800 to have the device installed and removed and to rent it for a year. This cost will increase significantly if you have to complete more than 12 months on the program.

In limited circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for an exemption from the program. Usually, this is for living in remote areas, or for medical or other extenuating circumstances.

If you are required to install an alcohol interlock device and wish to seek legal advice about a potential application for an exemption, please contact one of our solicitors.

If you are charged with a drink driving offence, subject to certain qualifiecations, you may be eligible for a work licence (LINK).

If you plead guilty to a drink driving offence, your license will be disqualified and engaging experienced legal representation would ensure the best chance of obtaining the lowest possible disqualification period.

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