Since September 2015 new laws have been in place targetting those who use their mobile phones on the road.

It is an offence for a driver to “use” a mobile phone they are holding in their hands while their vehicle is moving or stationary but not parked. The term “Use” can include holding the phone to your ear, sending or reading a text message, turning on or off a phone or “operating any other function of the phone”.

You can use a blue tooth or hands free device except if you are under 25 and on your L or P plates.

This offence will lead to a standard fine of $353 as well as 3 demerit poits.

The new laws sought to increase the penalty for repeat offenders. The new regulation imposes 3 additional demerit points (for a total of 6 points) on a driver caught for mobile phone offences within a year of a previous offence under the same sections.