Robertson O’Gorman is a proud sponsor of the University of Queensland Law School.

Each year the law school recognises the brightest legal minds through awards to its top performing students.

The latest recipient is Ana Coimbra who was thrilled to receive this award:

“Being awarded with the Robertson O’Gorman Prize in Criminal Law 2020 has given me a fantastic framework from which to develop my legal career.  I cannot express my gratitude to Robertson O’Gorman enough.   Their generosity will not only financially support me in my studies but will also motivate my continued interest in criminal law.  While I have always had an aptitude towards criminal law, being granted such an award has prompted me to consider how I may contribute to Queensland’s criminal law system.  Ultimately, I hope to one day be in a position to encourage the academic pursuit of law students like Robertson O’Gorman has done for me.  These are the kinds of opportunities that truly cultivate knowledge, determination and progress in students at the beginning of their professional journeys.” Ana Coimbra