What is an Identifying Particulars Notice?

‘Identifying particulars’ are details which can confirm someone’s identity such as fingerprints or photographic identification.

Police can request these details and issue a notice to provide the particulars under section 470 of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act (PPRA). They may do this on the spot at a police station or issue you a notice. The notice will require you to attend a police station within 7 days and allow an officer to take photographs and fingerprints. 

If you have been issued with an Identifying Particulars Notice it is a good idea to seek legal advice in the 7 day period. For some minor offences you may not need to provide the details however if the police require you to you must comply or risk a contravening orders offence.

For indictable offences the Police may issue a “DNA Sample Notice” under section 482 of the PPRA.