Industrial Employment Lawyers – Brisbane

What Brisbane Employment Lawyers Do and Where to Find a Workplace/Industrial Lawyer

Workplace disputes can be unpleasant and difficult. That’s why they are often allowed to continue for so long. However, sometimes, the people involved realise that legal advice is required to resolve the situation. That’s where employment lawyers in Brisbane come in.

Sometimes, the only successful way to resolve an employment issue or contractual dispute is by retaining a Brisbane employment lawyer. Employment law matters require discretion and determination, two things that Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors understands. Our team make it their priority to ensure your financial stability and protect your professional reputation.

Keep in mind that retaining workplace lawyers in Brisbane does not necessarily mean going to court. Many cases can be settled out of court quickly. However, there are times when it becomes necessary to take disputes to either the Industrial Relations Commission or a court of law. We have a proven track record in providing representation and advice on a range of complex legal issues, from enforcing discretionary entitlements and bonus schemes to negotiating employment contract terms.

Employment Law Services

There are many types of services provided by industrial lawyers in Brisbane. These include employment contract law, breach of employment contract, unfair or wrongful dismissals, whistleblower protection, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, workplace rights and adverse action, and more. Receiving an allegation of misconduct – or needing to make such an allegation – can be quite distressing. Our solicitors are experienced in employment law and understand the importance of each client’s representation. We work with our clients toward the most practical and cost-effective solution. We focus on preparing our clients for interviews with their employers, and we are trained and experienced in responding to allegations and resolving disputes fairly and quickly.

Finding Top Employment Lawyers in Brisbane

If you find yourself subject to a workplace disciplinary proceeding or investigation, you might also be at risk of criminal charges. If that happens, rest assured that we will do everything we can to ensure that everything that happens is in your best interests and helps you avoid potential criminal proceedings if possible. Our clients have included doctors, nurses, psychologists, lawyers, teachers, and other government employees who have been the subject of disciplinary investigations.

Besides employment law, Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors also offers services in the areas of criminal law, white collar crime, legal advice, parole and prison issues, traffic law, domestic violence, and more. We also represent professionals who are subject to a complaint that leads to the involvement of their professional disciplinary body. If you are facing disciplinary proceedings for the breach of a directive or guideline, we can help. We assist our clients in responding to complaints, participating in the investigatory process, and, if necessary, appealing decisions to the courts.

If you would like to discuss a professional discipline or workplace dispute issue, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you work toward the most favourable outcome of your case.