New laws that could pass in Qld regarding alcohol fuelled violence will herald a raft of changes to the Liquor Act 1992 (Liquor Act), Liquor Regulation 2002 (Liquor Regulation), Gaming Machine Act 1991 (Gaming Machine Act), Bail Act 1980 (Bail Act), Penalties and Sentences Act 1992 (PSA) and Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 (PPRA).

Aside from changes to lock out times, licensing and the sale of certain beverages other key changes include:

  • amending the Bail Act to no longer criminalise a failure to comply with a condition of bail imposed under section 11(9) (that is, participation in a rehabilitation, treatment or other intervention program or course). The amendment recognises the challenges associated with overcoming addiction.
  • amending the Penalties and Sentences Act to allow a sentencing judge to include the completion of a Drug and Alcohol Assessment Referral course as a condition with the consent of the defendant.
  • designating all police officers to be investigators under the Liquor Act.

A report from the committee is due this week.