The “2 High: A Week On Drugs” series is available for viewing now and includes live discussions and stories told by recreational drug users, drug addicts, drug dealers and those working through drug rehabilitation.

The series highlights the competing considerations associated with a seriously complex topic.

Many of the stories told draw out examples of the legal consequences associated with drug use and the inefficiencies of our current legal system in deterring people from using drugs.

Much debate is currently focussed on whether the personal use of illicit drugs should be decriminalised in order to encourage drug users to seek medical assistance in addressing problematic use or addiction.

Portugal amended their drug laws 14 years ago and removed criminal penalties for those found in possession of no more than 10 days’ supply of a substance.  The laws seek to minimise harm and reduce the health consequences that flow from drug use (for example: HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, overdose, mental disorder).

The Queensland Police Service gathers statistical information about convictions for each type of offence.  In the last 6 months there have been 12 convictions for the offence of trafficking drugs, 68 convictions for supply and 872 convictions for possessing drugs.  The overwhelming majority of convictions relate to end drug users.

The Queensland Justice System has made some effort to assist drug users.  If you are found in possession of a small amount of cannabis or a bong your matter could be suitable for police drug diversion.  If you are not eligible for police drug diversion (because you have had it before or because of the nature of your charges) you may still be eligible for Court Ordered drug diversion or for the Special Circumstances Court (which is about to be reintroduced).

If you are charged with drug offences you should seek legal advice so that you can explore the avenues open to you for resolution of the matter.  Your lawyer will also be able to provide you with information about drug rehabilitation in your area.