With this week marking 2015’s Schoolies Celebrations it is important school leavers and their families keep in mind common legal issues that arise from the events. The first thing to remember is people who are 17 and older are treated as adults under Queensland’s criminal law.


  1. If approached by police you do need to give your name, your address and, if under 17, your age. Aside from these details you have a right to remain silent and are not required to answer police questions.
  2. Unless you have been specifically arrested you do not need to accompany the police to the station.
  3. You should never participate in an interview with police until you have discussed your situation with a lawyer.
  4. Always ask to call your family and or lawyer if arrested.
  5. Obstructing police can lead to


Police and can issue on-the-spot fines for:

  • drinking in a public place (18 years and over)
  • underage drinking or possession of liquor in a public place, even if you’re holding a drink for your friend who is over 18
  • being under 18 and found on licensed premises
  • being under 18 and found drinking or just holding a drink for a friend on licensed premises

If you’re 18 at schoolies and you supply alcohol to your underage friends you could face a fine of $9424.


Possessing or supplying illegal drugs can lead to severe penalties. Supplying others with illegal drugs is a serious criminal offence.


Using someone else’s ID card of creating a fake card is illegal. Lending someone your own ID can also lead to a fine.

Other common situations;

In the schoolies environment it is important to also remember that assault and sexual assault can lead to severe criminal penalties. Public nuisance, wilful exposure, trespassing, drink driving are other offences to be aware of.

If you need legal advice please contact us on our 24 hour line: 30340000