The Difference between Criminal and Civil Lawyers and Finding the Right Brisbane QLD Law Firms

Are you wondering how criminal law differs from civil law? There are a few key differences that separate these two fields. Criminal law is what keeps society safe and peaceful. This is the law enforced by police. Crimes include not only very serious things such as theft, sexual assault, and murder but also minor things such as having a fake ID. Under criminal law, you can’t sue or be sued; instead, you may be charged by police if you commit a crime, and punishment may include a fine, community service, or jail time. You may then need to seek the services of criminal law firms in Brisbane to ensure the best outcome.

Civil law, by contrast, deals with people’s rights and responsibilities toward each other. Civil law is enforced directly by individual people rather than police. Under civil law, you may sue someone who wrongs you, or you may be sued by someone else. Civil laws protect you and allow to try to collect money (damages) when someone has done something unethical to you; on the other hand, civil law also allows someone else to take you to court to try to collect damages if you act wrongfully.

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