Brisbane Traffic Lawyers

Do I Need a Traffic Offence Lawyer in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast?

If you ever find yourself arrested, one of the first things you are going to do is contact a lawyer. Because many traffic law offences don’t ever lead to an arrest, many drivers aren’t sure when or even if they need the help of traffic lawyers. At what point does it become worth it to have a lawyer in your corner to help you deal with a traffic-related charge?

Knowing When to Call a Brisbane Traffic Lawyer

At Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors, we specialise in a range of different legal services. We handle criminal law, white collar crime, parole and prison issues and more. If you need traffic lawyers in Brisbane, you can count on us for that as well. We are happy to offer legal advice or representation to help you resolve traffic offences and get back on the road.

The question is what types of traffic offences should trigger a call to a lawyer? We counsel clients to engage the services of a lawyer if they are being contacted or questioned by any law enforcement officers. If the police are asking you questions, then there is a possibility that they are building a case against you. It is wise not to answer any police questions without a lawyer present. You will also want to consult a lawyer if you are scheduled to appear in court for a hearing concerning your traffic offence.

There are some types of traffic offences where you are obviously going to want to call a traffic offence lawyer in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast. For instance, if you have been charged with a drink driving offence, you are fighting a major crime with very real penalties. A DUI in Queensland can lead to fines, licence disqualification and even prison time. A traffic offence lawyer can help defend you in court and work to get you the minimum sentence based on the charge at hand.

Of course, even if your scenario isn’t as severe as a drink driving offence, our Brisbane traffic lawyers at Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors are always happy to sit down with you and offer general legal advice or strategy. For instance, if you are dealing with a traffic ticket that pushed your driver’s licence demerit point total into suspension range, we can advise you on what steps to take next. If your licence has already been suspended, we can work with you to see if there is an argument for you against the disqualification in court.

Call Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors for Help with Your Work Licence

Ultimately, if you feel like you would benefit from getting an expert legal opinion or having a lawyer represent your interests in court, you should contact Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors. Our traffic lawyers in Sunshine Coast and Brisbane can bring knowledge, strategy, representation and overall peace of mind to the table. Whether the case involves unfair vehicle impoundment, accusations of dangerous driving or a drink driving charge, Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors can help you navigate the legal process. Call us on (07) 3034 0000 to engage our services today.