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At Robertson O’Gorman, we know that the consequences of being accused of a crime are extensive. When you are facing down a substantial sentence, and everyone seems to think you are guilty, it’s easy to feel helpless and hopeless. In such situations, working with a talented team of criminal lawyers in Caboolture or Sunshine Coast can help restore your confidence and hope.

When to Hire a Criminal Lawyer

What signs should tell you that it’s time to reach out to a team of criminal lawyers in Southport? The most obvious reason is an outright accusation or criminal charge. If you are the suspect in a crime, you shouldn’t talk to anyone—be they police officers, other lawyers or anyone from the press—without having your own lawyer at your side. A good criminal lawyer can remind you of your rights, coach you on what to say (or not say) and help you prepare an effective courtroom strategy.

Being accused of or charged with a crime isn’t the only reason to hire a criminal defence lawyer. On the contrary, if the police approach you to ‘ask a few questions,’ you might consider lawyering up—even if you have no reason to believe that you are a suspect. While the view that ‘everyone is a suspect’ might be a little bit cynical, it certainly has its roots in truth. Whether you are being interviewed about a crime or serving as a witness for an ongoing court case, speaking with a lawyer can help you strategise ways to answer tough questions without incriminating yourself or raising suspicion.

At Robertson O’Gorman, we’ve seen situations where clients approached a lawyer only after they had done significant damage to their cases. It’s not uncommon for people to speak with the police without realising they are suspects. Police officers love these types of situations since they can catch suspects off guard and interview them freely without lawyers present. Don’t give the police the satisfaction of catching you off guard: during an interview with an officer and the questions start to feel awkward to you, stop talking immediately and ask to speak with a lawyer.

Finally, don’t be reluctant to hire a lawyer. Some people assume that hiring a lawyer will ‘make them look guilty.’ However, the fact that you hired a lawyer cannot be used as evidence against you in a court of law. What you said to police when your lawyer wasn’t present, on the other hand, can be used as evidence against you—and it can be quite damning.

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If you believe that you need the advice of criminal lawyers in Sunshine Coast or Southport, don’t fight your instincts. Even if you aren’t a suspect, seeking legal counsel and protection is a worthwhile precaution. Call Robertson O’Gorman on (07) 3034 0000 to engage the services of our experienced and knowledgeable legal team.