Facing Investigation for Stock Market Manipulation? Hire an Insider Trading Lawyer

Insider trading is the practice of buying or selling stocks based on confidential information not available to other stockholders. If you or someone within your company has been accused of this kind of unfair and illegal stock market manipulation, then you need to hire a qualified insider trading lawyer to represent you. At Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors, we can help.

One of the legal focuses of our firm is corporate law. We work with corporations or organisations and their directors and employees to defend against allegations ranging from fraud to tax offences to Workplace Health and Safety oversights. Insider trading falls under the umbrella of corporate criminal law and is something we have accumulated a great deal of experience with since establishing this law firm 43 years ago.

In most cases, insider trading allegations are investigated and prosecuted by ASIC, or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. At Robertson O’Gorman, we are experienced with ASIC investigations and prosecutions. We have handled a variety of ASIC-related cases over the years, including situations where company directors were accused of defrauding their companies, cases involving the falsification of company records and more. Insider trading and market manipulation are some of the most common types of ASIC investigations or prosecutions. If you or your business is facing allegations in this category, we can help you formulate an effective and compelling defence.

If you need an insider trading lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors. We would be happy to meet with you and consult about potentially representing you in this matter.