Possess Weapon

Sections 50(1) of the Act notes a person must not unlawfully possess a weapon. Weapon is defined as

(a) A firearm: or

(b) Another thing prescribed under a regulation to be a weapon or within a category of weapon; or

(c) A thing that would be a weapon mentioned in paragraph (a) or (b), if it were not temporarily inoperable.

Similarly, pursuant to section 35 a person must not acquire a weapon unless licensed to do so.

The Weapons Categories Regulation 1997 provides greater detail as to items that will fall into Section 50(1) (b).

The penalty for possessing a weapon varies depending on the type of weapon. For example, for possessing a category A, B or M weapon a penalty of 100 penalty units or two year imprisonment can be imposed whereas the possession of more than 10 weapons of specific categories can result in 13 years imprisonment.